Did you know that your rims and brake rotors are worth on average and possibly more than $3000? At GC's, our attention to detail ensures the job is carried out professionally giving you the best possible service.

Tyre Information

The image on the left shows you the main types of information you find on a motorcycle tyre.

To find out which each heading means, roll the mouse pointer over the text in the image.

Tyre Size

Tyres sizes are indicated as either a metric or imperial measurement.


e.g 170 / 60 ZR 17

Width = 170mm
Height/Width ratio = 60%
Speed Rating = ZR
Rim Diameter = 17in


e.g 400 * 10

Height/Width ratio = 400
Rim Diameter = 10

Tyre warning

Note: When new tires are fitted, they should not be subjected to sudden acceleration, hard cornering, maximum power or braking for at least 100 miles/160 kilometres. Failure to do so may result in loss of control and serious injury. The 100 mile run-in is required to adjust to the feel of new tires versus the worn tires.


Danger: Only specially trained persons should mount tires. Improper

mounting can cause tire explosion and serious injury.

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