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Mitas E-09 DAKAR


Mitas E-09 DAKAR

Typical Use

Desert racing Enduro tyre


Front....... 100/90-19 TL 110/80-19 TL 90/90-21 TT Rear....... 120/90-17 TL 130/80-17 TL 140/80-17 TL 150/70-17 TL 130/80-18 TT 140/80-18 TL 150/70-18 TL


Modern type of tread pattern for both front and rear wheels of enduro motorcycles. Very good riding properties both on the road as well as in the medium terrain. E-09 'Adventure' and E-09 'Dakar': Tough cross-ply construction and an aggressive block tread make it supremely capable in difficult terrains like sand, mud and loose rock. A high-performance off-road rally tyre, Mitas recently reinforced the carcass and upgraded the compound to produce the Dakar version. Choose the regular ('Adventure') version where easy fitting & removal or minimal unsprung weight are important, while the beefier 'Dakar' version offers improved puncture and chip resistance and is a better choice for serious riding in Australian off-road conditions. To help reduce confusion, we use the designations E09A and E09D to differentiate between the two. Telling them apart when new is easy: the Dakar version has a yellow stripe on the tread.



Prices From

$ 158


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