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ME880 Marathon - click to view larger image



Metzeler ME880 Marathon


ME880 Marathon

Typical Use



Front.................. 130/60VR18 120/70B17 120/70B21 120/70R17 120/70ZR18 120/70ZR19 130/70-24 130/70B18 130/70R17 130/70R18 140/70-21 140/70B18 140/75R17 120/80-17 130/80B17 140/80-17 150/80-16 150/80-17 150/80R16 150/80R16 150/80R17 100/90-18 100/90-19 100/90-19 110/90-18 110/90-19 120/90-17 120/90B18 130/90-16.... 80/90-21..... 90/90-21..... MH90-21..... MT90B16..... Rear................ 210/40R18 200/50R18 200/50ZR17 200/50ZR18 210/50ZR17 180/55VR18 180/55ZR18 200/55R17 160/60R18 170/60R17 180/60R16 200/60R16 180/65B16 150/70B18 160/70B17 180/70B15 180/70R16 200/70B15 140/80B15 150/80B15 150/80B16 160/80-15 160/80B16 170/80B15 130/90B16 140/90B15 140/90B16 150/90B15 MT90B16..... MU85B16


Premium line dedicated to cruiser and heavy touring bikes, featuring high-tech construction with fashionable design Soft compound for high grip allowing to exploit great torque output with total control Machine-specific carcass construction for exceptional riding comfort and stability at all speeds, even under heavy load Tread pattern design with offset central groove's alignment providing very high mileage for never-ending riding fun



Prices From

$ 149


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