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Metzeler Roadtec 01 pair deal


Roadtec 01

Typical Use

Sport Touring




Improved compound solution that enhance chemical grip and adhesive properties in all different situations. Our patented mixing process delivers a more homogeneous compound that emphasizes the chemical properties and results more resistant to the wear process. Radial fronts feature a full-silica compound, capable of providing excellent chemical grip in conjunction with the mechanical grip created by the groove layout. Radial rears feature a dual-compound layout, where the center stripe covers approximately 20% of the tyre width, with the remaining 80% equally split between the two shoulders. The central stripe has a balanced mixture of silica and carbon-black to enhance high-speed stability, heat dispersal and to provide balance between abrasion resistance and grip. The full-silica compound on the shoulder is similar to that of the front; combined with the tread groove design it delivers excellent grip also on low friction surfaces. The use of a similar compound on front and rear shoulders provides a homogeneous contact feeling into lean. The Cap&Base scheme – featuring a thin layer of central compound extending underneath the shoulder compound – provides proper heat distribution. All ROADTEC™ 01 radials are coupled with the Metzeler 0° steel belt Interact™ technology, contributing both to riding precision and high mileage. ROADTEC™ 01 X-Ply fronts and rears feature a unique carbon-black based compound with a percentage of silica close to 30% that exploits the heat generated by the structure to reach optimal operating temperature and delivers top grip in the dry. Special resins enhance compound mobility and adhesive properties for incomparable wet grip.



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