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Bridgestone BATTLAX Hypersport S21 - click to view listing

Bridgestone BATTLAX Hypersport S21

Bridgestone BATTLAX Hypersport S21

Street hypersport tyre with Moto GP technology

Front......... 130/70zr16 110/70zr17 120/60zr17 120/70zr17 Rear.......... 150/60zr17 160/60zr17 180/55zr17 190/50zr17 190/55zr17 200/55zr17

$ 209

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BT023  - click to view listing

Bridgestone BT023 Sport Touring


Sport Touring tyre

Front....... 110/70zr17 120/60zr17 120/70zr17 120/70zr17GT 110/80zr18 120/70zr18 Rear........ 150/70zr17 160/60zr17 160/70zr17 170/60zr17 180/55zr17 180/55zr17GT 190/50zr17 160/60zr18

$ 178

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BT45 Front - click to view listing

Bridgestone BT45 Front

BT45 Front


110/90V16, 120/80V16, 110/80V17, 100/90V18, 110/80V18 , 110/90V18 , 100/90V19, 325H19.... 90/90H21, 100/90H16, 100/80H17 , 110/70H17 , 110/80H17, 90/90H18, 100/90H18,

$ 128

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BT45 Rear - click to view listing

Bridgestone BT45 Rear

BT45 Rear


130/90V16 150/80V16 120/90V17 130/90V17 140/80V17 150/70V17 120/90V18 130/80V18 140/70V18 110/90H17 120/80H17 130/70H17 130/80H17 140/70H17 150/70H17 110/80H18 110/90H18 120/80H18 130/70H18

$ 157

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Battlax RS10 - click to view listing

Bridgestone RS10

Battlax RS10

Sport trackday

Front 120/70-17 Rear 180/55-17 190/50-17 190/55-17 200/55-17

$ 204

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Battlax Racing - click to view listing

Bridgestone RS10R

Battlax Racing

Racing track use

Front 120/70-17 Rear 180/55-17 190/55-17

$ 220

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S20 - click to view listing

Bridgestone S20


Sport & Trackday

Front.......... 130/70WR16 110/70WR17 120/60WR17 120/70WR17 Rear.......... 150/60WR17 160/60WR17 170/60WR17 180/55WR17 190/55WR17 200/50WR17

$ 195

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Battlax T 30  - click to view listing

Bridgestone T30

Battlax T 30

Sport Touring

Front...... 120/60ZR17 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR17 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR17 T30FAZ"GT" (H/Load) 110/80ZR18 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR18 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR18 T30FAZ "GT" (H/Load) 110/80ZR19 T30FZ TBL Rear...... 150/70ZR17 T30RZ TBL 160/60ZR17 T30RZ TBL 160/70ZR17 T30RZ TBL 170/60ZR17 T30RZ TBL 170/60ZR17 T30RZ "GT" (H/Load) 180/55ZR17 T30RZ TBL 180/55ZR17 T30RZ "GT" (H/Load) 190/50ZR17 T30RZ TBL 190/55ZR17 T30RZ TBL 190/55ZR17 T30RZ "GT" (H/Load) 160/60ZR18 T30RZ TBL

$ 173

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