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Bridgestones global dream

Founder Shojiro Ishibashi
Founder Shojiro Ishibashi

A Global Dream

At Bridgestone, our dream is to become a truly global enterprise and to establish the Bridgestone brand as the undisputed world No. 1 brand in both name and substance. Across the globe, our entire team is focused on achieving this goal.

The roots of our dream date back to the establishment of Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd. in 1931. Anticipating the future potential of tires for passenger cars and the international development of the business, founder Shojiro Ishibashi used an English translation of his surname for the name of the company. Even then he may indeed have been dreaming of the future of the Bridgestone Group.

As Japan's automobile industry grew, The Bridgestone Group expanded its business to become Japan's largest tire manufacturer. The company also actively expanded overseas, particularly in Asia. In 1988, the company acquired The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, a well respected global corporation with a venerable history of its own. This transformed Bridgestone into one of the world's largest tire and rubber companies and created a global team dedicated to serving customers worldwide with the highest level of quality, service and technology.


We hope this introduction to our company will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Bridgestone Group's strengths, as well as our future direction.


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Bridgestone BATTLAX  S21 Hypersport  - click to view listing

Bridgestone BATTLAX S21 Hypersport

Bridgestone BATTLAX S21 Hypersport

Street hypersport tyre with Moto GP technology

Front......... 130/70zr16 110/70zr17 120/60zr17 120/70zr17 Rear.......... 150/60zr17 160/60zr17 180/55zr17 190/50zr17 190/55zr17 200/55zr17

$ 209

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BT023  - click to view listing

Bridgestone BT023 Sport Touring Pair Deal


Sport Touring tyre

Front....... 120/70zr17 Rear........ 160/60zr17 180/55zr17 190/50zr17

$ 490
$ 430

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BT16 Pro - click to view listing

Bridgestone BT16 pair deal 120 & 170 or 190 $359 fitted

BT16 Pro

Sport / Track day

Front.......... 120/70zr17 Rear.......... 170/60zr17 190/55zr17

$ 489
$ 359

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BT45 Front - click to view listing

Bridgestone BT45 Front

BT45 Front


110/90V16, 120/80V16, 110/80V17, 100/90V18, 110/80V18 , 110/90V18 , 100/90V19, 325H19.... 90/90H21, 100/90H16, 100/80H17 , 110/70H17 , 110/80H17, 90/90H18, 100/90H18,

$ 128

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BT45 Rear - click to view listing

Bridgestone BT45 Rear

BT45 Rear


130/90V16 150/80V16 120/90V17 130/90V17 140/80V17 150/70V17 120/90V18 130/80V18 140/70V18 110/90H17 120/80H17 130/70H17 130/80H17 140/70H17 150/70H17 110/80H18 110/90H18 120/80H18 130/70H18

$ 157

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Battlax RS10 - click to view listing

Bridgestone RS10

Battlax RS10

Sport trackday

Front 120/70-17 Rear 180/55-17 190/50-17 190/55-17 200/55-17

$ 204

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Battlax Racing - click to view listing

Bridgestone RS10R

Battlax Racing

Racing track use

Front 120/70-17 Rear 180/55-17 190/55-17

$ 220

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Battlax T 30  - click to view listing

Bridgestone T30

Battlax T 30

Sport Touring

Front...... 120/60ZR17 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR17 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR17 T30FAZ"GT" (H/Load) 110/80ZR18 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR18 T30FZ TBL 120/70ZR18 T30FAZ "GT" (H/Load) 110/80ZR19 T30FZ TBL Rear...... 150/70ZR17 T30RZ TBL 160/60ZR17 T30RZ TBL 160/70ZR17 T30RZ TBL 170/60ZR17 T30RZ TBL 170/60ZR17 T30RZ "GT" (H/Load) 180/55ZR17 T30RZ TBL 180/55ZR17 T30RZ "GT" (H/Load) 190/50ZR17 T30RZ TBL 190/55ZR17 T30RZ TBL 190/55ZR17 T30RZ "GT" (H/Load) 160/60ZR18 T30RZ TBL

$ 173

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