Spoked Wheels

If you would like GC's to service your spoked wheel and the spokes have already been removed then we require two pieces of information. Firstly we need to know the offset measurement and secondly, the width of the rim. This allows us to rebuild the wheel to the correct specifications.

Of course, if you give us the wheel intact then we can do the measurements for you.

The information presented below is also available in our Spoke and Wheel order form. After downloading and printing the form, fill in the details and forward it on or personally bring the form in with you to GC's.

Bobber wheels showing inside cross over patten.

  • These Bobber wheels have been built using cut down Harley spokes

Measuring the Offset

To calculate the dimensions of the offset, measure from the edge of the rim to the brake face of the hub, or flat machined surface. Note this measurement as well as the rim width.

Other things to note:
How many holes does your rim have?
What is the rim made of?

Spokes are available in Steel Plated with Nickel Coating and English Stainless Steel with Nickel Coated Brass Nipples. We can also make the spokes Heavy Duty. Different nipple sizes are also available in 3 different thicknesses.

L = Length of spoke

G = Thickness of spoke (gauge)

A = Angle of bend

B = Length of bend

T = Thread length

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