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Adelaides own Tyrenerds manage the oldest and largest tyre service in South Australia , we stock thousands of motorbike tires in our Motorcycle Tyre Warehouse, plus scooter tyres with over Two thousand in stock From the cheapest to the top of the range in Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Heidenau, IRC, Kenda, Maxxis, Metzeler, Michelin, Mitas, Pirelli, Shinko, plus .One of Australia's largest specialist motorcycle tyre centres.

Tires are important to us and one of our major aims is to bring the tires to the front of the shop, not hidden in some corner like an afterthought; after all it's the tires that determine the performance.

We have recently expanded our warehousing and hold more tyres than ever, giving us more room for fitting bays and adding another tyre fitter to our team. Saturdays now see three tyre fitters plus, so waiting time has been greatly reduced.

Of course some large complicated cruisers do take longer but it is what it is, we start at the begining and end at the end.

We also carry a range of Scooters, Motorcycles and Motorcycle Accessories available for you to view in our website or if you prefer personal service then visit us at our Prospect store.




New Model Scooters from $1890

  • New scoots from $1650 Plus on roads

Free parking in many city locations for scooter and motorcycles saving $$$$$$$$

Including the purchase price ,registration ,maintenance fuel etc its about $25 to $33 dollars a week over the two year warranty period.


Metzeler MC 5 Intermediate Front & Rear + Tubes & Rim Tapes Pair Deal $175 cash and carry

Metzeler MC 5 Intermediate Front & Rear plus Tubes and Rim Tapes Pair Deal Cash & Carry IN STORE ONLY
Metzeler MC 5 Intermediate Front & Rear plus Tubes and Rim Tapes Pair Deal Cash & Carry IN STORE ONLY

Metzeler MC 5 Intermediate Front & Rear plus Tubes and Rim Tapes Pair Deal Cash & Carry IN STORE ONLY 21" 19" 18"

Michelin Road  5  10 sizes in stock
Michelin Road 5 10 sizes in stock

Michelin Road5 10 sizes in stock

Michelin never work on one isolated element of performance.

Instead we focus on the tyre as a whole. Safety, durability, performance these features together produce the thrill of riding.

THE SPORT TOURING WORLD IS CHANGING Metzeler Roadtec 01 is the latest evolution in Metzeler touring tyres, with a focus on enhancing grip on wet and low friction surfaces, and increased mileage

Metzeler Roadtec 01
Metzeler Roadtec 01
Metzeler Z8 sport/touring Pair deal 120/180/ 190  $450
Metzeler Z8 sport/touring Pair deal 120/ 180/190 $450

Metzeler Z8 sport/touring Pair deal 120/180/ 190 $450

Excellent value at this price, lots of touring or  commuting miles on these good all rounders. Was tyre of the year.




Coming soon Bridgestone BATTLAX Hypersport S22

Bridgestone BATTLAX Hypersport S22
The S22’s ease of handling and the contact feel when cornering surpass even that of the S21 EVO.

Bridgestone has continued to develop the S20and the very popular S21 Hypersport tyre making it last longer and steer better and generally improve the over all performance . Please click on the picture of the new S22 for a full run down on the changes.



Dunlop Roadsmart III

The Roadsmart III

The new Roadsmart III is the latest sport touring tyre from the Japanese factory expecting to replace current Roadsmart II.

AS with most major manufacturers they only release the better products, but how good we will only know after a few sets have been worn out.



Metzeler M5 pair deal 120 &180 Last few sets $430 fitted and balanced.

Metzeler pair deal 120 &180   $430  fitted and balanced.
The first 5 zone tension motorcycle tyre bearing an incredible level of tailored performance exactly where needed without discontinuity, making it the perfect all-round supersport tyre featuring patented Interact(™) Technology. Variable steel string winding tension (Interact™ Technology) with 5 differentiated zones layout for seamlessly balancing mileage for longer trips, enhancing grip for street-sport riding and maintaining precision at maximum lean High silica compound silica blended with resins derived from the track.

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